3 Reasons Why Kagay-anons Love BadBurgers So Bad

March 12, 2016 by admin

Last February 12, 2016, BadBurgers, a new burger restaurant, was birthed in Cagayan de Oro. It quickly became one of today’s favorite go-to resto of Kagay-anons and became the town’s talk-about because they serve a Black Burger – a very unique and interesting color for a burger bun indeed. And just this month, we, the CDOCityEvents.com Team, visited this emerging burger shop and have tried their some of their burgers.

We wanted to find out why in the world these burgers are labelled “bad” (which is, by the way, the most asked question by their visitors). Some say it is because of the “Black Burger”, but it is hard to conclude since they serve “brown-bunned” burgers as well. Others suspect it is because they might taste plain bad. Hmm. But these burgers are being praised so much in Instagram and Facebook, so more likely it can’t be.

Is this just to catch our attention? Or is this communicating something about their burger? Let’s figure that out, but first, here are three (3) things that are indeed undeniable about their burgers which may be the reasons why many love BadBurgers:

1. They are so big

Yes, they are. Take the Dominator Burger for example. This cheese burger with patty, lettuce, and garlic mayonnaise is actually 8-inches (in diameter). This mouth-watering burger topped with sesame seeds with some crunchy kropeks can fill up 3-4 tummies. Now eat that!

2. They are so tasty

The taste makes you want to eat more. You wouldn’t even notice you have eaten half of it already. Also, you will immediately notice at first bite the freshness of the patty and the veggies in their burgers. They are cooked at the moment of order; not pre-cooked.

3. They are so instagramable

By “instagramable” we mean that it looks so good not to be posted in Instagram – and that exactly what BadBurgers is! The size and tastiness of the burger can actually be captured by the very lens of your camera. No wonder many weren’t able to resist posting a picture of these burgers.

So why is it “bad”? Well, maybe because they just taste so good you’d want to eat them again —  so bad. Why not try it out today for yourself?

BadBurgers is located at Corrales Avenue cor. Domingo Velez Street, Center Point Arcade (behind AA BBQ) and is open from Monday to Sunday 11AM up to 11PM. They have also opened a new branch at uptown, Masterson-Camella Avenue (beside Rose Pharmacy). See you with your burgers!

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