7 Facts About Jollibee That Almost Nobody Knows

September 30, 2016 by Mr. Prince Price

As the 18th Jollibee in Cagayan de Oro opens tomorrow (October 1, 2016), I have decided to make this article as a tribute to the evident success of Jollibee: “7 Facts About Jollibee That Almost Nobody Knows”. Facts like “Jollibee was owned by Tony Tan Caktiong” and “Jollibee started in Cubao, Quezon City way back in 1975” are common already. What I am about to share here are seven (7) never-heard-of’s and shocking facts about Jollibee:

FACT 1. Jollibee’s former name was “Jolibe”.
It was added with another “L” and an “E” in 1980 which birthed the idea of a “jolly bee”.

FACT 2. Jollibee is a “Disney”-inspired bee.
It was actually Manuel Lumba to first design the iconic Jollibee mascot. He shared that he drew inspiration from his daughter’s Disney comic books in doing so. Are the white gloves of Mickey and of Jollibee similar? Yes, it is.

FACT 3. Jollibee used to be color green.
That’s right. He used to be a green and a “slender” bee wearing a red suit.

FACT 4. “Jollibee” was not the first mascot to debut for Jollibee.
Yep, it was Mr. Yum, not Jollibee to first debut as a live mascot for Jollibee fast food. Mr. Yum debuted to represent their first flagship product, the Yum Burger.

FACT 5. Jollibee has three (3) discontinued mascot friends.
Sad as this may sound but yes! Mico, Lady Moo, and Chickee are the discontinued mascot friends of Jollibee. They were suppose to represent Jollibee’s flagship products, Milkshakes and ChickenJoy.

FACT 6. The Jollibee that you see today is designed by artist Willie Villano.
The cute and cheeky “color red with yellow stripes” Jollibee mascot was made by him.

FACT 7. Jollibee is the most famous bee of them all!
Since Jollibee made it to the top 10 international fast food chains in 2014, there is no doubt that he is the most famous (and the cutest) bee in the world!


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