Local Singer Debbie Cabague Wins the Gold in WCOPA, USA

August 11, 2016 by Mr. Prince Price

World Championships of Performing Arts otherwise known as ‘WCOPA’ is an international competition that gathers the most talented individuals around the world. Holding up auditions in different countries and cities, it is a competition not everyone can easily be accepted in. You can learn more about WCOPA here: http://www.wcopa.com/about-us/about-wcopa

Cagayan de Oro local singer Debbie Cabague has recently arrived from California, USA and we certainly wanted to know her experience in this prestigious international competition. She shared with us how she hasn’t joined any National competitions yet was given this opportunity to compete Internationally. She shares that this experience has certainly been a gift from God and how He showcases His power and blessings through the people He has blessed talents that will glorify Him.

Music has always been Debbie’s passion, and teaching others how to sing was a calling that she cannot refuse as God directs her in the field. She enjoys the gift that He has given her and continuously hopes to inspire others to use and pursue their musical gifts responsibly. She has joined various contests and chorals and was very active in a local band called D’Blends. She continues her passion by being a Freelance Voice Consultant.

“As a singer, I’m aspiring to become better each day through training, application, and teaching. I also dream of becoming a Christian Recording Artist someday and be able to put up my own training center for Music and the Arts here in the city.” – Debbie




Here is where Debbie was given her honorary jacket as an indication that they are off to the next stage, similar to that of a capping ceremony.


Further in our interview with Ms. Cabague, she shared how challenging the competition was for everyone as they were to render one (1) song for only one (1) minute per category. “Because of Who You Are” and “You Raise Me Up” were two (2) of the five (5) songs that she rendered and made her won in all the five categories she joined.

“The night before the competition, I had actually had no sleep due to jetlag. I was a bit worried on the 16th because I have never, in my singing career, had sang with that kind of condition. But then I was reminded by the Lord before I stood on the stage with the massive crowd to not be anxious for He is with me and He will give me strength to sing throughout the competition”, she testified.



Our interview with Ms. Cabague just three days after she arrived from the US.


Respectively, Debbie Cabague won five (5) medals: Gold in Country, Silver in Gospel, Silver in Contemporary, and Bronze in Jazz and Open Categories (25-29 years old) while Jeremiah Torayno, another CDO representative got two (2): Silver in Gospel and Bronze in Country in the 18-24 yrs old leg.





  • 3 Years of training for choral music, solo, and band. 2007—2009 ( G-Clef Musicale Society)
  • Played Mary Magdalene for LDCU’s annual Musical play in 2008
  • Recorded “Take a step closer“ of LDCU’s jingle in 2008
  • Composed and Recorded “Shine” Jingle of PROIS (International Christian School System) in 2012
  • Worked as Voice Consultant at PROIS from May 2011 – May 2015
  • D’blends Band Ensemble member from 2011 – 2013
  • D’blends Band Acoustic Vocalist from 2010 to present
  • Presently a Freelance Voice consultant in the city


Jed Madela, the first Filipino to win at the WCOPA, was also there as the chosen host for the 20th anniversary of the world-renowned competition happening every year.

The World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) is the only international performing arts talent competition and educational experience of its kind held annually in Hollywood, CA.

The Philippines got a total of 175 medals and awards during the 2016 World Championships of Performing Arts (WCOPA) held at the Long Beach, California, last July 8 to 17, 2016. Singers Debbie Cabague and Jeremiah Torayno of Cagayan de Oro were among the 70+ who represented Philippines.



Singers Debbie Cabague and Jeremiah Torayno of Cagayan de Oro


You may view her recent video interview in a local news casting station here:

Interview with Debbie Cabague on WCOPA

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