Siargao Island: A Hidden Treasure Up North

September 20, 2016 by Featured Writer

As of late many of my friends have been sharing their excursion and travels in Siargao and I couldn’t comprehend what all the chatter was about till I went to the island myself, and I need to say that it never struck me that another island in the Philippines could inspire me more than Palawan.
Everything in Siargao is astounding! The general population on the island are happy to see and experience their island’s natural resources everyday.

In case you’re up for some ocean paradise getaway that is touristy however not very touristy as compared to Palawan or Boracay, then checkout Siargao.

I would prescribe staying in Isla Cabana Resort, where the hospitality and cordiality they provide for their visitors is 10/10! Seriously, this is the first resort that I’ve stayed in the Philippines, that truly inspired me with their graciousness and pleasant personalities. The staff were friendly and accommodating, as well as the resort that is beautiful and basically excellent.


I just got the opportunity to stay on the island for 4 days and a few people would say this is kinda long yet I ask to concede. I was attempting to adjust being a shoreline bum and doing some touristy activities in the meantime and fortunately I could do every one of the things I needed to do, yet at the same time the days weren’t sufficient.

Exercises You Shouldn’t Miss:

Island Hopping☀

This activity is composed of visiting three small islands (Daku, Guyam and Naked Island), where you can relax and relish a good book, play games on the sands, swim, surf, snorkel, or even just enjoying a yummy BBQ lunch prepared freshly on the island.





Commonly not everybody would do this sort of fun on a beach getaway yet in the event that you plan to add fishing on the agenda, then you can include this in your rundown of things to do in Siargao.
We really had a fabulous time testing our understanding and having a challenge on who gets the most and of course… My sister won. 😒


Known as the tropical island heaven for surfing, a getaway in Siargao wouldn’t be complete without Surfing. There are numerous surfing spots in the island, however I figure the celebrated one is in “Cloud 9”, where the international surfing competitions are held.


On the off chance that you are a newbie in surfing then you can enlist an educator to show you. For the most part, they charge 500php/hour however you could presumably haggle a lower cost. 😆

Magpupungko Beach and Tidal Pools

Made by nature itself, Magpupungko beach really stand-out. Made out of cream hued sand with stunning rock developments and lovely turquoise tidal pools, no photograph can legitimize its actual magnificence. This spot is unquestionably not to be missed.


The best time to visit the shoreline is amid the low tide as this permits you to see the stone developments that encompasses it. You can simply ask help from local people or your lodging personel when precisely is the best time to visit Magpupungko amid your stay in Siargao. I truly had a ton of fun investigating the area, there were so many things to see and find. Simply be cautious with the sea urchins. 😱

Bucas Grande Island

Last yet not the least, the charming Bucas Grande Island. This I have been sitting tight to visit as far back as I was considering in Japan months prior. The main reason is that they have a Jellyfish Sanctuary where you can swim and touch them. 😍

Depending where you are staying it takes a 2 hour pontoon ride to reach Bucas Grande Island, particularly when you are in Siargao. So we cleared out our inn around 7:00am and arrived 9am.

When we arrived we paid our charges at the Sohoton Cove National Park Center. It is required to enroll and pay the expenses before you begin the visit. We paid 1,800php for three individuals and this incorporates the ecological charge, docking expense, pumpboat with visit guide and watercraft with a paddler for Jellyfish Sanctuary.

We did the Sohoton Cove Tour first which was absolutely enthralling and charming. To see is to accept thus I won’t ruin anything for you! 😆 Haha!! Be that as it may, genuinely, don’t pass up this great opportunity.

The Sohoton Cove visit will just take around 2 hours tops, so you will in any case have a lot of time to do different activities.

Next we have the Jellyfish Sanctuary…

Here I had the best time, I truly cherished finding out about ocean animals and particularly the one that motivated the name for my website webpage. I was additional watchful in touching them and I couldn’t believe that I really did since they sting yet this type of specie doesn’t. YIPPEE for these specie! Haha!


You can swim with the Jellyfish but in the event that you have sunblock on, it would hurt them in the long run, murder them, so please make an effort to remain conscious and not put sun block on while touching them.


The peak season of the Jellyfish would be around April and May according to the tour guides and locals but during those months the tourist are also at its peak. So if you want to avoid the crowd then better go  during low season which is July and November.

Other seasons to look out for is the month of September where Siargao hosts an International Surfing Competition and where some areas of the Island celebrates their fiesta (Festival). This would be a good time to party around the island. WooHoo!!😎

If you have any questions about Siargao or need help in planning your trip, feel free to comment below or message me on facebook. ❤

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